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Fresh Sole Fish

Raw and fresh Sole fish (কাঁঠাল পাতা). Approx. 15% weight reduces due to cleaning (scale removal, wastage).

Price Starts From ₹426.30

You’re free to call the Sole Fish flaky- In fact, that’s the best description you can give it. The Sole Fish or what you call flatfish or flaky white-fleshed fish is the mildest in the market that can be easily prepared or transformed into anything you want it to be served with the most delicacy. Many people say if Tilapia isn’t available you should go for the Sole Fish but the reality is, even when Tilapia is available, Sole Fish eaters understand the amazing difference in both flavor and taste between these two fishes. Here at thefreshmeatmarket, we understand perfectly too what you’ll enjoy most and we’ve packed them hygienically for your utmost enjoyment.