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Katla (Medium)

Fresh Katla Medium Fish (কাতলা) cut in medium size pieces. Approx. 15% weight reduces due to cleaning (scale removal, wastage).

Price Starts From ₹161.18

For a perfect health and fitness, Katla Fish is the most appreciated food source. The meat from Katla fish is very soft and tender which makes it very enjoyable and easily digestible. You can use the meat from Katla Fish for delicious cooking, snakes and soap making. Although our major concern with the Katla Fish uses is the delicious cooking which savors the most appetizing flavor and taste, this is why we’re constantly striving to meet our customer’s demands for the most nutritious, tender and easily digestible Katla fish in the market. The meat is highly rich in Zinc which helps to boost the body immune system and also help to regulate blood sugar.